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A Sensitive Topic

Disclaimer: A Sexual topic follows. Please don’t read further if you are likely to be offended or think the topic is inappropriate. I debated the appropriateness of the topic, and came to the conclusion that others are probably wondering the same thing. So here goes:


I am a male who wishes to kick a long habit . . . → Read More: A Sensitive Topic

Buddhism and Homosexuality


What is the view on Homosexuality and Buddhism? Is it condemned or accepted or just something they don’t want to talk about? Hope your nor offended by me asking you to answer this topic.


Offended? Nope. Actually, I’m surprised no one asked before the election. As you might imagine, opinions are all over the place on this . . . → Read More: Buddhism and Homosexuality

Other Forms of Meditation

Other Forms of Meditation

Today we wrap up the mega-series on meditation by mentioning a few other forms of meditation. There are probably others that I haven’t thought of, as there are limitless ways to meditate, and unlimited numbers of subjects to contemplate.

Who Am I? – Self-study meditation to eliminate all false ideas of self.

Meditation via . . . → Read More: Other Forms of Meditation