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The Eightfold Path Step 1: Right View

The Eightfold Path Step 1: Right View

This week, we start discussion of the Eightfold Path, Buddha’s “cure” for the suffering of this world. The first two steps on the path, Right View and Right Intention, are often paired together and called the “Wisdom” portion of the path. Right Speech, Action, and Livelihood fall into the “Ethical Conduct” category, and Right Effort, Mindfulness, and Concentration are considered “Mental Discipline.” So between wisdom, ethics, and mental disciple, the eightfold path covers all the important stuff a Buddhist should focus on.

“Right View” is also called “right perspective”, “right vision” or “right understanding.” It’s all about having the right perspective on the yourself and the universe. You need to see the world and yourself as they truly are, not what you have been conditioned to see. Much of this relates to really understanding the four Noble Truths. Understand that nothing is permanent or perfect. To think through karma and all the effects it has on you. Having the proper way of looking at the world is especially crucial to a Buddhist, since your perspective actually shapes your life and how you live it.

It is important that in perfecting your “right view” that you clear out your misunderstanding, misconceptions, and confusion. Keep an open mind, and look at everything in a critical manner.

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