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In Burma – A Poem

Today we have something a little different. It’s not a classic Buddhist text, but rather a modern poem submitted by a reader. The theme of the poem involves current events that we have discussed previously in both the emails and blog, so I don’t think it needs any introduction.

In Burma
A Poem by Molly Locklear

In Burma
Last night I slept in Tibet.
And saw flags on the mountain side.
The hope for all humanity in the hands of the people.
Bowed in prayer they cease the pain of this world.
Their songs soar through the air carried to all corners of Earth
May someone hear their cries.

Last night I slept with the souls of Burma.
In a shallow pitch black hole we slept.
In our spiritual nudity we embraced and our souls lifted in praise.
the blood stained robes of monks and nuns stayed in the hole,
and their pure souls were released.

Last night I slept in Beijing.
The whole world gathered to witness history.
Broken promises, broken people.
Oppression is their solution.
Bloody robes and bloody nuns,
government killing all who oppose.
Their screams of freedom cannot be heard through the sheet of their oppressors.

Last night they slept in me.
The songs, sorrows, and screams.
In my head they echo, and show their bloody hands and feet.
They comfort me in knowing that this world is transient
Kings to ants and so on.
While this pain is much, it will not last.
Soon their souls will leave their soiled tunics and broken bodies,
and rise to a new world of peace

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And tomorrow is the Fourth of July, a holiday in America and a three-day weekend. I’ll be out with family, so there won’t be any posting for tomorrow. I’ll be back on Monday with something new!

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