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The Five-Minute Buddhist Reads the Dhammapada

The Dhammapada – The Path of the Dharma AUDIOBOOK       [ Purchase ]

The entire 26 Chapter Dhammapada text. Translated by F. Max Muller. Read by Brian Schell, in standard MP3 format, playable in any MP3 player or directly from your computer.

This MP3 file contains the entire audio of all 26 chapters of one of the most important texts in Buddhism.


Chapter 1: The Twin Verses
Chapter 2: On Earnestness
Chapter 3: Thought
Chapter 4: Flowers
Chapter 5: The Fool
Chapter 6: The Wise Man (Pandita)
Chapter 7: The Venerable (Arhat)
Chapter 8: The Thousands
Chapter 9: Evil
Chapter 10: Punishment
Chapter 11: Old Age
Chapter 12: Self
Chapter 13: The World
Chapter 14: The Buddha (the Awakened)
Chapter 15: Happiness
Chapter 16: Pleasure
Chapter 17: Anger
Chapter 18: Impurity
Chapter 19: The Just
Chapter 20: The Way
Chapter 21: Miscellaneous
Chapter 22: The Downward Course
Chapter 23: The Elephant
Chapter 24: Thirst
Chapter 25: The Bhikshu (Mendicant)
Chapter 26: The Brahmana (Arhat)