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Is Death a Reset Button?

A reader writes:

Message: Hey Brian, really enjoy all the podcasts and this site. I have been studying Buddhism now for almost two years and my life gets better on a daily basis.

My question is : it seems that our purpose is to fully awaken and be free of attachment. Well it seems . . . → Read More: Is Death a Reset Button?

Rebirth Revisited


I know that Buddhist belief is based greatly on experiencing teachings for yourself, and not taking what anyone says (even the Buddha himself) as truth without first examining it ourselves. However, I am confused as to where the belief in rebirth and karma comes from in Buddhism. I agree with this Buddhist belief that we should . . . → Read More: Rebirth Revisited

Rebirth and Karma


I really enjoy your e-mails and have a question. I accept the idea of no self and it makes sense to me. I believe like the Hindus that I am an expression of the ONE, but before I was born why do I have no recollection of this? It seems that my awareness only . . . → Read More: Rebirth and Karma

Rebirth, Death, Heaven and Nirvana


I recently lost my grandmother, and now have no grandparents left. I’m comforted with the belief that my grandparents went to Heaven and are with God and each other. My question is sort of a two-sided one: How do Buddhists handle death, and what do they believe about life after death? I’ve heard about reincarnation, but . . . → Read More: Rebirth, Death, Heaven and Nirvana